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Aerial Photography

Our aerial photography packages are custom tailored to your individual needs. Whether it's imagery for change detection on your construction site, pre-construction data collection for your upcoming project or just a basic photo from a higher view. We also offer orthomosaic aerial photos for top down view of larger project areas as part of our mapping packages. If you need a night shot from the air we currently have night flight authorization from the FAA. 

Bring a new perspective to your project

3D Mapping, Modeling, and Volumetrics

We offer a variety of different map options. 2D, 3D, Topographic, Terrain/Surface modeling, as well as optical plant health maps (VARI) area all available We also provide volumetric and photogrametric services as well.  Whatever your mapping needs we have you covered.

Lower your safety risk

Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems for industrial inspection applications is the safest and most efficient way to inspect hard to reach areas that are a fall hazard for a worker. Safety is our primary goal in all of our operations.

Aerial Inspections

Dragonfly Aerial Solutions is a small drone services and aerial photography  company based in Dripping Springs TX.  All flights are performed by a FAA licensed Remote Pilots with a Small Unmanned Aircraft System rating. Currently we have flown in 7 states and 2 countries spanning from Louisiana to California. 6 years flying remote multi-rotor aircraft experience and hundreds of flight hours have been spent polishing our trade and craftsmanship.  




Photo Gallery

2017 eclipse partial
Making a stand
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Dragonfly Aerial Solutions
Dragonfly Aerial Solutions
Total eclipse horizon
Dagonfly aerial solutions 2017
Aerial photography provided by Dragonfly Aerial Solutions
Aerial inspection Example
Center pivot Aurora Nebraska
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The Boundaries
Dragonfly Aerial solutions
Lake in the mountains
Orthomosaic by Dragonfly Aerial Solutions
NAVI plant health imagery provided by Dragonfly Aerial Solutions

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Located in Dripping Springs Texas.


Aerial photography provided by Dragonfly Aerial Solutions

Urban Swamp Aerial photography provided by Dragonfly Aerial Solutions